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The sweetness of the figs - the saltiness of the proscuitto, and the tangy richness of the balsamic vinegar make for one great combination. California Black Mission Figs are in season roughly June- August. I’ve tried making these both warm and room temp- room temp wins out. In Minnesota we have access to a wonderful chevre from Donnay Farms located in Watkins, Minnesota-found in a lot of upscale markets and cheese shops.

Black Mission Figs

Creamy goat cheese- or a creamy blue  cheese -room temp

proscuitto- sliced paper thin

good quality balsamic vinegar

tooth picks or little cocktail picks

Gently wash the figs and pat dry and cut them in half. If they are on the big side you can quarter them.

Spread about 2 t of the cheese ion the cut side.

Cut the proscuitto lengthwise into about 1 inch wide ribbons. Wrap it around the fig.

Put some balsamic vinegar in a sauce pan on med hi heat - reduce till it thickens up- this only takes a few minutes.

Drizzle a little of the balsamic glaze over the figs and secure with a little toothpick- for easy eating.