Meat Temperature Guide                        back to home

A good meat thermometer is a very wise investment. I like the instant read type- you don’t leave it in the meat but use it for testing when out of the oven. The first time it saves you from over cooking a beef tenderloin it will pay for itself and then some.
When grilling outdoors here is a practical rule to let you know where the meat is at:
Feel the fleshy part of your skin between your thumb and index finger- that’s how the meat feels when it is rare.
Feel the tip of your nose- that’s the meat when it’s well done.

Beef           110-115      rare
                    115-120     medium rare
                    130-135    medium
                    145-150    well done

Pork         150-155- medium*        
                    160-170  well done

Poultry    160-170

* Cooking pork to well done will yield you dry meat. Trichinosis is killed at 137 degrees.