PENNE AND WITH TWO SAUCES                              

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4-6 servings

When my daughter was little and a fussy eater I use to make “creamy” pasta for her and red sauce pasta for everyone else. Then I stumbled upon layering the flavors by tossing the fresh cooked pasta with a light coating of cream sauce first- and ladling the red sauce on after. I hardly ever make my own sauces anymore because locally we have a great Italian deli nearby- where i can get the best cream and red sauces- which i have tried my best here to deconstruct for this favorite “simple fare” in our house.

1 # box  penne rigate

2  1/2 cups good marinara sauce- warmed

1/2 cup white wine cream sauce- warmed

12 meatballs- warmed in red sauce

Parmigiano Reggiano

Bring a large pasta pot to boil. Add about 1 t of salt to the pot. Cook the pasta according to the box directions until al dente. Drain and add back into the pot. Immediately toss with the cream sauce and combine well.

Divide the penne into individual pasta bowls  and give a generous ladle of red sauce over the pasta and serve with or without meatballs- Grate fresh Parm Reggiano over the bowls.