This delicious weekend favorite of ours was inspired by a combination bookstore restaurant that we frequent when in Boston, Trident on Newbury Street and we always get their wonderful “Salmon Scramble”

                                                                                                             8 eggs

2 T milk

2 ounces cream cheese- make little teaspoon or less size dollops

3 ounces smoked salmon- torn into bite size chunks

2 t snipped chives

1 T butter

kosher salt

fresh ground black pepper

Scrambling the eggs:

Always start with a warm pan- gently warm it with the butter. Beat the eggs very well with a fork or whisk- add the milk  and chives and a little salt and pepper.

Pour the eggs into the warm pan on med- lo heat. Let them set for about 30 seconds- they will puff up some. If you start stirring right away you’ll stir the air out and you will end up with small curds and not much volume.

  After the eggs have puffed-   sprinkle the dollops of cream cheese and the salmon chunks evenly over the eggs. Push one edge of the eggs to the center - i like using a silicone spatula- and allow the uncooked eggs to flow into the bare pan. Keep doing this until no liquid eggs flow to the edge and you have soft mounds that still look moist.

Eggs continue to cook after you remove them- so it’s important to remove them while still a little moist. By following these tips you will have soft, fluffy eggs, every time.

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4 servings