SLOPPY JOES                   back to home

4 servings

I got very excited awhile back when our local paper printed the recipe for Sloppy Joes from my long ago school district’s archive. Me and my pals loved it when  Sloppy Joes were on the menu in our cafeteria- they were the best! Now i know why we went crazy for them because there was a ton of sugar in them because of the ketchup it calls for. I tweaked it a bit- substituting tomato sauce for ketchup without any major taste memories lost. Sloppy Joes  were always on the menu at our house pre- trick or treating on Halloween.

1 pound ground beef

1/4 cup chopped onion

2 t lemon juice

1 T apple cider vinegar

1 T brown sugar

1 t dry mustard

1 t  salt

1/2 t pepper

2/3 cup tomato sauce

1/3 cup water

toasted buns

Saute the onions in a skillet with a little olive oil and cook until quite soft- stirring frequently- about 5-6 minutes. Brown the ground beef in the same skillet with the onions. Breaking up the meat clumps with a wooden utensil. Cook until all the pink has disappeared.

Mix all the other ingredients together and add to the browned meat and stir well- simmer for another 10 - 15 minutes on low until it’s thickened up some and the flavors have meld.

Serve on toasted buns.