serves 4

Grilling Tip: A common mistake people make when grilling meats and chicken is to keep turning it over and over again- poking it- sticking it,etc. It’s not rocket science! You really only need to turn it once - or if you like those cross hatch grill marks- after it’s all nice and brown on both sides and cooked through- give it a quick second turn to achieve those grill marks on the one side for a nice presentation.

4 split boneless, skinless, chicken breasts

1 T fresh minced garlic

1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

1 t kosher salt

1 /2  cup gold tequila

1 t fresh ground black pepper

1  1/2  t ancho chili powder

1 T olive oil

Combine the chicken  with everything and marinade for a half hour at room temp. The acids in lime juice cook the chicken- so you want to avoid marinading too long.

Heat a grill with coals and brush the rack with oil to prevent the chicken from sticking.

Grill the chicken for about 5-6 minutes ( for a 1 inch thick breast) with lid off- on one side- until nicely brown. Less cooking time for thinner breasts. The juice and tequila  have sugars that will  blacken the chicken when grilling - so move them to a lower heat if that gets out of control. Turn the chicken and grill for another 5-6 minutes- depending on the thickness of the chicken, until cooked through and nicely browned. It should feel firm and the juices should run clear in the thickest part. Let it sit for a few minutes before serving.

Serve hot or room temp with a wedge of lime.                                  back to home