MEDITERRANEAN SALAD            back to home

serves 4

We love salads all year round and probably make them 5 times a week- either as a starter or main course. This easy salad is good as a main course- with some crusty baguette or focaccia- it’s perfect light summer fare.

2 heads butter lettuce- trimmed, washed and dried

2 hard boiled eggs- quartered

4 scallions- white and light green part- thin sliced

6 slices of paper thin proscuitto

1/2 cup assorted black and green olives

toasted pinenuts

balsamic vinaigrette or lemon dressing

Have a large salad bowl ready. Cut the proscuitto in half lengthwise and roll  up the halves loosely.

Tear the lettuce into largish bits.  Put them in the bowl and toss lightly with the vinaigrette.

To plate the salad divide the dressed lettuce evenly and place on a salad plate or individual salad bowls.

Artfully arrange the eggs, olives, and proscuitto - nestled into the folds of the lettuce. Sprinkle with the pinenuts and scallions.

How easy is that!